Monday, May 24, 2010

I'm a Kate Beaton fan!

So I'm pretending to be Kate Beaton to better digest a book Alex lent me, it's called Devil in the Windy City, and it tells the true stories about an architect and a serial killer during the Chicago's World Fair in the 1890's. Sounds amazing, right? I average three or so pages before it puts me to sleep.

It was finally getting interesting when the killer claimed his first victim, so I kept reading! Only to find this guy, Frederick Law Olmsted. Who knew someone who has accomplished so much could be so boring. By boring, i mean, interesting?

He wanted so much to be considered an artist.

Kate Beaton's waaaaay better at doing this sort of thing...

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Anna Gallaspy said...

Quite humorous. keep crackin' on that book, if nothing else I wanna see the H.H. Holmes drawings. murder and intrigue, hiphip hooray!