Sunday, March 29, 2009

rainbow birthday cake!

I made a rainbow cake for my sister's birthday. It took forever to make. Way to go ruining my saturday night, Sate.

Inspiration came from here, but was completely disgusted at the recipe so I made a white cake mix from scratch. frosting too! I couldn't bear to cover up the pretty red and orange gradient on the top of the cake, so I shaped a heart with yellow frosting, which worked out great cause I don't think I made enough of it to cover the entire top of the cake even if I wanted to.


bellygrrrl said...

Thanks Sate! A sucky Saturday night never tasted so delicious!!! xoxoxo

Laura Jane said...

WOW, yummy colors. *drool*

Shinakari said...

...That has got to be the coolest, most awesomely, rainbow cake ever in the history of ever.